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Custom Storefront Signs – 3 Common Marketing Mistakes

How often do you inspect your custom storefront signs?

It is always a good time for business owners to reevaluate their custom storefront signs. After all, this is how your customers find your location, think about your business, and remembers you. Some things to consider while evaluating the effectiveness of your signs. Are your custom storefront signs in good condition? Do they need repaired or have broken parts? Has your products or services changed since your sign installation? Have you seen a decrease in foot traffic?

Whether you have been in business for ten months or ten years, there is always room for improvement. While signs need to stand out, business signs in Houston must comply with the standards outlined in the County’s Code of Ordinances.

Make sure that your signs and marketing are working for your company. You can evaluate and taking into consideration three common sign mistakes and then put in place measures to fix and avoid them. You will surely gain a competitive edge and increase your in-store traffic.

Custom Storefront Signs - Houston TX

1) Your storefront sign is in visibly poor condition

In a survey of 100,218 North American households, researchers at the University of Cincinnati found that more than one-third (34.5%) of respondents regularly made quality assumptions about businesses based on the appearance of their signs. In other words, if your signage is fading, discolored, or simply out of style, you could be doing your brand a disservice.

Your custom signage is one of your best sales assets as it greets your customers first and navigates them into your store. It’s simple to see how detrimental it would be for a company that had a large illuminated storefront sign that use to read “HARDWARE STORE” but now beams “HADWAR SORE” in the night sky. This definitely is not sending the right message.

To ensure that your sign is in the best condition check it both day and night to make sure that it is working and is visible all day long, many storefront signs in Houston are under a sign maintenance program, for more information on a local program. Call 877-330-7532. 

2) Storefront signs that display outdated information

Did you know that outdated signage may be violating Houston, Texas sign laws? According to Section 66-2(A.2), Any “signs which advertise an activity, business or service no longer conducted upon the premises” are expressly prohibited.

Dated sign designs and structures are bad for business for several reasons. They can make your business look like it’s not up to date and you don’t offer the newest, highest quality of products. It can also confuse consumers if you do not offer a product or service that is represented on your sign. A good example would be if your storefront sign advertised the latest Commodore VIC-20 home computer. Although many people might not be familiar with the product, the customer who you are trying to attract would know right away that this particular model was released circa 1980 and now to them your company looks deceptive or even buffoonish.

But don’t worry, updating signs and designs can be done easily when you rely on the help of a professional sign shop like Universal Sign and Graphics. We provide plenty of affordable options to help you keep your signs compliant and up-to-date.

3) Risqué Signs and Promotional copy

Section 66-2(a.6), Montgomery County does not tolerate any “signs which contain statements, words, or pictures of an obscene, indecent, or immoral character that reasonably offend public morals or decency.”

Currently, there is a marketing trend and more and more businesses are leaning toward risqué promotional copy and incorporating it into their storefront signage to stand out from competitors and connect with younger audiences, and as a marketer, by trade, I will be the first to point out that few companies have actually done this successfully and many have failed miserably losing numerous potential customers that they will never know they had.

So a good rule to follow is to get feedback on your company promotional copy from your target customers, elders, and children this will help you understand the perspective of each and will provide valuable information before you make a permanent decision like a custom storefront sign. When in doubt about whether your message meets Houston’s criteria for “morals and decency,” consult with our sign design experts. 

I hope these “mistakes” have provided you with an additional viewpoint of how others may view your custom storefront signs and other marketing efforts. As always, if you have questions about your company signs or need a sign we are standing by to help make your business shine!

In addition to providing high-quality storefront signs in Houston TX including Katy TX, Conroe TX, Montgomery TX, Galveston TX, Humble TX, Willis TX, Spring TX, The Woodlands TX;  Universal Sign and Graphics specializes in designing, manufacturing, installation including Sign Service, Repair and Maintenance.  Check out our full catalog on the Universal Signs and Graphics Product Catalog:

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Call 877-330-7532 or visit the Universal Signs and Graphics website to schedule a no-obligation consultation and receive a free quote on any custom sign design. Click here Free Quote to request your Quotation online.

Universal Signs and Graphics is one of the premier commercial sign companies in the nation, offering a wide range of stock and custom signage solutions for businesses big and small. From our Montgomery sign shop, we proudly serve Houston, Anderson, Hockley, Tomball, Willis, New Waverly, Oak Ridge North, Pinehurst, and all the surrounding communities of Texas.

Not a Houston local? Not a problem! As members of the SignWorld business alliance, we also offer online design consultations and nationwide delivery for clients out of state.

Call 877-330-7532 or visit the Universal Signs and Graphics website to book a no-obligation consultation and receive a free quote on any custom order.

Custom Storefront Signs in Houston TX

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Our professional sign service and repair team provides exterior/interior sign maintenance services throughout Montgomery TX, Conroe TX, Spring TX, Katy TX, Willis TX, Humble TX, The Woodlands TX, including the metropolitan area of Houston TX - Call us today at 877-330-7532 for a free quote!

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