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Universal Sign and Graphics provides custom Construction Signs for Montgomery TX, Metropolitan Houston TX, and the surrounding area.

What are Construction Signs?

Construction Signs are primarily used to alert the public and are identified by bold colors, usually orange, yellow, or red, with black symbols and text.

The purpose is to warn guests, customers, staff, and passersby of potential hazards, detours, and blockages due to construction. Construction Signs can also be used for marketing and advertising by notifying people of future construction and development plans.

Some of the most popular construction signs used in the Montgomery and Houston area include: Post and Panel Construction Signs, Project Boards, Fence Wraps, Road Construction Signs, Under Construction Signs, Hard Hat Signs, Site Safety Signs, Eye Protection Signs, & Roll-up Construction Signage.

Construction Signs 


What are Custom Construction Signs? A construction sign warns guests, customers, staff, and passersby of potential hazards, detours, and blockages due to construction. They can also alert people of future construction plans.

Uses for Custom Construction Signs – If you are renovating your Montgomery office, paving the parking lot outside your Montgomery retail store, or any road construction near your business anywhere else in Montgomery, Texas, you could use a construction sign.

Types of Custom Construction Signs Construction signage can be of different sizes and shapes and be made of other materials. Aluminum signs placed on a fence effectively remind people to watch their steps. Yard signs help describe the project under construction.

Why Choose Us for Custom Construction Signs in Montgomery, Houston, and the surrounding areas? Wouldn’t it be great to have the benefits of construction projects without the chaos of the actual construction? Sadly, we can’t. But Universal Sign and Graphics can help ease the confusion and create order by making you eye-catching and durable construction signs.

Benefits of Choosing Us for Custom Construction Signs in Montgomery, Houston, and the surrounding areas – If your business is undergoing construction in Montgomery, TX, elsewhere in Spring, TX, or nearby in Houston, TX, we can walk you through what construction signs you might need. Also, you would need many signs if you run a construction company in Montgomery. We can design and manufacture all the signs you need with quick turnaround times, so you’re never without the construction signs you need. Contact us to learn more.

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Metal & Aluminum Signs


Custom Metal Signs and Aluminum Signs

What is a Metal Signs / Aluminum Signs? Metal signs are signs made of one or more types of metal. There are lightweight and heavier, sturdier forms of metal you can choose for your metal sign. Aluminum signs are inexpensive and lightweight, most commonly used outdoors to convey functional information.

Uses for Metal Signs / Aluminum Signs – Metal signs can be used almost anywhere, mainly as external signage. A baked enamel finish helps weatherproof metal signs, making them more durable and glossier. Aluminum signs are a popular form of fence sign and outward wall sign. They are often rectangular and can have information printed on one side or both.

Types of Metal Signs / Aluminum Signs – Aluminum is usually the cheapest metal you can use for a sign, making it one of the most common metal signs. Aluminum is lightweight yet still quite durable. When you require sturdier or more visually striking metals, you can choose brass, copper, or stainless steel, the last of which is a popular choice for dimensional letter signs.

Common types of aluminum sign that you have probably seen include:

  • No Parking at Any Time/certain times
  • Private Property/No Trespassing
  • Danger/Caution
  • Enter/Exit
  • Welcome
  • Shipping and Receiving
  • Fire Escape
  • No Smoking
  • Area Under Surveillance
  • Store Hours
  • Business Name
  • Wayfinding signage
  • And more!

Why Choose Us for Metal Signs / Aluminum Signs in Montgomery, Houston, and the surrounding areas? Choosing just the suitable metal for your metal sign can take much work. Thankfully, with over 30+ years of experience at Universal Signs and Graphics, our sign experts can advise you on the best materials for your metal sign.

If you manage a restaurant in Montgomery, Texas, and find that half of your parking spots are taken up by people shopping at the nearby mini-mall, you could use some aluminum signs to inform people that parking is reserved for patrons of your restaurant only. If you have just installed video cameras in your residential building in Spring, TX, you need aluminum signs to inform people that the area is under surveillance. Universal Signs and Graphics can make these aluminum signs and many more.

What benefits of Choosing us for Metal Signs / Aluminum Signs in Montgomery, Houston, and the surrounding areas? – Whether you want some inexpensive aluminum signs for your business’s parking lot in Spring, TX, or want stainless-steel dimensional letters for your building signage in Montgomery, we can make the great-looking and durable metal signs you need. If you’re located in Montgomery, Houston, TX, or the surrounding area and would like to know more about metal signs, please get in touch with us.

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