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Universal Sign and Graphics provides custom Free Standing Signs for Houston and Montgomery, Texas.

What are Free Standing Signs?

Free Standing Signs are just that – a sign which is bolstered and supported by the ground that it is planted in. These signs are excellent for high visibility and company promotions as they can be easily seen and read from the road.

Many Houston and local area companies and organizations such as retail stores, schools, churches, and shopping malls choose to have Free Standing Signs because they provide high noticeability and the sign faces are easy to be updated, redesigned, or replaced.

Make it easy for your customers and new customers to notice your establishment from long distances. There are many types of Free Standing Signs that can be customized such as illuminated and non-illuminated to display your brand day and night.

Free Standing Signs include:

Pole Signs – Increase visability from a distance so they are easy to see from streets, roads and highways are used for:

  • Commercial Signs
  • Gas Station / Truck Stop Signs
  • Restaurant Signs
  • Business Signs
  • Shopping Districts & Malls

Post & Panel Signs are supported by one or two posts for exterior applications including:

  • Parking Lot Signs
  • Wayfinding / Directional Signs
  • Church Signs
  • Event Signs
  • Tenant Signs
  • Real Estate Signs
  • Promotional Signs

Pylon Signs often referred to as a Marquee Sign is generally quite high supported by one or more exposed poles used for:

  • Commercial & Retail Signs
  • Restaurant Signs
  • Service Business Signs
  • Shopping Mall Signs
  • Gas Stations & Truck Stops

Tenant Signs – are designed to display a group of business, retail or organizational names often used for:

  • Shopping Malls & Mini Malls
  • Health & Physician Offices
  • Residential Buildings
  • Business Parks
  • Government Facilities

Pole Signs 


What is a Pole Sign? Visibility is the first goal of any sign. A sign is not effective if it can’t be seen. One way to increase visibility, especially outdoors, is to go high. Pole signs feature sign panels on top of poles.

Uses for Pole Signs – Tall pole signs are visible at a distance. The greater a sign’s radius of visibility is, the more impressions it can generate.

Types of Pole Signs – You have many options for your pole sign. The sign itself must be big, though, because the whole point of a pole sign is to be visible at a distance. As such, all text and graphics on the pole sign and panel must be proportionate to the face of the sign.

Why Choose Us for Pole Signs in Montgomery TX and Houston TX? At Universal Signs and Graphics, we know  the different types of pole signs and we understand how to make each one effective. If you run a quick-service restaurant off I-45 just outside of Montgomery, you want a pole sign big enough and eye-catching enough that passing motorists will see it and be tempted to pull off and grab a bite to eat. We can do that.

Benefits of Choosing us for Pole Signs in The Woodlands, TX – Apart from expert design and quality manufacturing, we also handle permits and applications to make sure you have clearance for the pole sign that you want. We know which Texas state, cities and county regulations apply to pole signs. To learn more, please contact us.

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Post & Panel Signs


Custom Post & Panel Signs

What are Post & Panel Signs? The post is the structure that holds the panel in place. There can be one or two posts. The panel is the sign face itself.

Uses for Post & Panel Signs – Post and panel signs can fulfill the role of just about any type of outdoor signage. Post and panel signs can be used as parking lot signs, wayfinding signage for events and outdoor spaces, tenant signs, real estate signs, or promotional signs.

Types of Post & Panel Signs – You have many options if you want a post and panel sign. The panels can be wood, vinyl, foam core, or plastic. The posts can be wood or metal, with many options to choose from each.

Why Choose Us for Post & Panel Signs in Montgomery, TX? Because there are so many options when it comes to materials it can be hard to decide which is best for your purposes. Universal Signs & Graphics can help you choose. We can figure out the best type of post and panel sign for an outdoor event, for a spa, or a realtor in Montgomery.

Benefits of Choosing us for Post & Panel Signs in Houston, TX – If you need a post and panel sign in Montgomery or Houston or anywhere else in Montgomery County or Southeastern Texas, we can design, manufacture, and install it for you. To learn more about the post and panel signs we can make, please get in touch with us.

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Pylon Signs


Custom Pylon Signs

What is a Pylon Sign? A pylon sign (also known as a marquee sign) is a freestanding sign that is usually very tall and has exposed poles. Pylon signs are similar to pole signs except for the base of a pylon isn’t necessary a pole.

Uses for Pylon Signs – Pylon signs have the same purpose as most pole signs and monument signs: identifying a business so that it can be seen by anybody from a distance (especially motorists).

Types of Pylon Signs – You have many options when it comes to the look of your pylon sign. The panel can display the name of your business, your logo, slogan, graphic, or promotional message. For the base, popular materials are metal poles, brick, an arch made of brick, or concrete.

Why Choose Us for Pylon Signs in Montgomery, TX – Universal Sign and Graphics can help you choose what materials you want and help you with your design. Let’s say you manage a hotel in Montgomery, you could use a well-design pylon sign to advertise to passing motorists. Or if you run a restaurant in Spring, you could use a pylon sign to get people to notice you.

Benefits of Choosing Us for Pylon Signs in Montgomery, TX – Not only can we design, manufacture, and install pylon signs, we can handle permit applications as well. There are several Texas state laws and local regulations in Montgomery and local cities and counties that apply to pylon signs and we can make sure that you’re in compliance. To learn more, please contact us.

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Tenant Signs


Custom Tenant Signs

What is a Tenant Sign? A tenant sign is an external sign that displays the names of businesses and organizations that share a building or property.

Uses for Tenant Signs – Tenant signs are used to identify the tenants of any given building, campus, or complex. Tenant signs are most often found in front of:

  • Shopping malls and mini-malls
  • Health centers
  • Residential buildings
  • Business parks
  • Government complexes
  • Types of Tenant Signs

Tenant signs are often quite large. They should be designed so that people walking or driving past the complex can easily read the names of each tenant. They are often imposed on monuments and pylon signs. Please note that a tenant sign is not a sign that displays the names of tenants in a residential building. That would be a directory sign. The two are sometimes confused by people not familiar with signage lingo, but they are entirely different.

Why Choose Us for Tenant Signs in Montgomery, TX? At Universal Signs & Graphics, we know what makes for an effective tenant sign. If you manage a strip mall in Montgomery, Texas, we can make an eye-catching tenant sign that showcases your many businesses. If you manage a government complex in Montgomery, we can make a tenant sign that clearly states the different departments and offices that can be found therein.

Benefits of Choosing Us for Tenant Signs in Montgomery, TX – We don’t just design and manufacture tenant signs, we can also install them for you. To learn more about tenant signs, please contact us.

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